Towards Sustainable Marine Technology and Transport

Prof. A. Yücel Odabaşı (1945 – 2009)

Professor Odabaşı, a graduate of ITU (1967), earned his Ph.D. degree from the same university in 1971. Following his Ph.D., he joined Strathclyde University where his work on the application of Lyapunov’s theory to ship stability gained him a well-deserved international reputation which was acknowledged by STAB Award in 2012 post mortem. In 1974 he joined BSRA where he worked on every field of ship hydrodynamics and made significant contributions, in particular in the field of wake scaling. In 1988 he moved to USA to set up BMT International as its first director and CEO. He returned to ITU-Turkey in 1991 where he inspired a generation of young academics while at the same time succeeding to lead Turkish Lloyd to worldwide recognition. He was awarded the gold medal of NECIES-UK and numerous awards from NAVSEA, SNAME and BSRA.