Towards Sustainable Marine Technology and Transport

Special Announcements


As a tribute to the late Professor A. Yücel Odabaşı’s (1945 – 2009) life-long endeavours in promoting the science of Naval Architecture and in particular Naval Hydrodynamics, a biennial international colloquium aiming to focus on a different theme on each occasion, gathering specialists from around the world, was organized. First of these colloquiums was held in 2014 at Istanbul Technical University and concentrated on the subject of propeller noise and vibrations. The second colloquium is now scheduled to take place in November 17-18, 2016. The theme of the second colloquium is selected as ‘Recent Advances in Prediction Techniques for Safe Manoeuvring of Ships and Submarines”. The goal of this colloquium would be to create a platform where the recent developments in experimental and computational methods for predicting manoeuvring performance of surface vessels and submarines are discussed and new oppurtinities for collaborative research are sought.